Facie The Robot

From Cardboard Box to Inspirational Journey, This is a Young Mind’s Creative Engineering Prima Facie.
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Mathematics form STEAM, the canvas of modern applied learning touted around the world. Children base their play on the natural flow of their imaginations, and they engage in their play through hands-on exploration of the materials in their environment. Facie is designed to entice children to play. Building Facie is a form of play, customizing the design of Facie is a form of play, and Facie continues to be an adaptable play companion following its completion.

Adults see a heap of recycled materials

Children see limitless possibilities

Our goal is for young people to develop a personal interest in robotics and engineering. Research shows that the most successful and innovative professional scientists and engineers have a deep personal interest in technology. They genuinely enjoy technical studies, so for them the prospect of earning an advanced degree is exciting and engaging. They have retained the creativity and developed the confidence to pursue their own ideas, so for them it is natural to conduct experiments and create designs that yield profound breakthroughs. 

We are inspired by a large and growing number of scientists, technologists, engineers, artists, and mathematicians who advocate hands-on creative application of materials to stimulate young minds.

Elementary and early high school students simply love Facie. One group of students built a royal family together, with a princess, her husband, an old queen, and a new baby robot.

Building the robot involves assembly of a circuit followed by creative application and decoration. Creators can safely connect the batteries to the breadboard and understand how to transfer the power from the different transistors. To stimulate their imaginations, they can create a robot face with one motion sensor eye, one LED eye, a moving magnetic nose, and a singing mouth. To inspire pride, agency, and creativity, students will repurpose the electronic components and decorate their robots according to their own design. Our parts are pre-constructed and pre-programmed to ensure safety and functionality. We use recycled materials wherever possible in our electronics and decorative components, and we advocate to creators to continued exploring repurposing other materials in their environment.