Inly is an innovation consultancy and education firm founded out of Stanford Graduate School of Business. It is headquartered in Silicon Valley with satellites in Shanghai and Taipei. Its advisors have included former T. Rowe Price CEO James A.C. Kennedy, Teach For America board member Elizabeth Ann Kennedy, and Blackrock Mutual Fund Chairman George Parker, among others. As the pace of change in technology and the extent of globalization increase, established firms face mounting pressure to either innovate or lose market share to disruptive new ventures. Inly serves as an innovation guide for incumbent firms, implementing incubation programs as well as training and coaching new internal ventures.

Inly’s education arm cultivates innovative mindsets and skill sets within the context of contemporary competitive markets. Inly’s student programs vary in their particular discipline, but at the heart of each program is the promotion of students’ fundamental abilities to discover opportunities for value creation, to win influence, take initiative, generate supporting data, remain flexible and adaptive, and drive results through collaboration. Programs offer specific tactical, strategic, and leadership training emphasizing the curiosity and resourcefulness required of creative explorers as well as the strict logic and critical thinking required of practical innovators.

The Inly Community

Alec Walker

Alec Walker is Inly’s founder and director. He holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he focused on innovation management as well as design thinking at Stanford’s Through Inly, he has helped a myriad of companies and education institutions in the United States and China. Before Inly, Alec served as an organizer for Scientific Collaborations Across Borders under former White House Chief Science Advisor Dr Neal Lane and White House Chief of Staff James Baker III, and he served as a new venture development manager at Royal Dutch Shell for four years. He earned his BS in chemical engineering and a BA in Asian studies at Rice University, during which time he contributed to research teams on topics including liquid salt development at University of California Berkeley, urban migration studies in outer Mongolia, quantum computing research at Keio University in Japan, electron orbital measurement at National University of Singapore, and heat and mass transfer studies at Cornell University.


Alec Walker,全球创新咨询公司Inly的创始人,曾在斯坦福大学修得工商管理硕士学位,并兼修d.school的设计理念方向。他曾为世界各地的机构组织或谋划研讨会,其中包括美国硅谷的Y Combinator启动孵化器软件公司,位于加州和上海的能源巨头AECOM,快速增长的硅谷个人资金管理机构Wealthfront ,喜达屋酒店及度假村国际集团(喜来登),和几所美国和亚洲的著名大学。他是哈佛亚洲及国际关系项目在中国和新加坡的代表之一。他同时负责第一个来自贝克公共政策研究所,由白宫首席科学顾问尼尔博士组织跨境科技合作会议的宣传和协调工作。Alec在皇家荷兰壳牌工作了近四年来,期间担任低排放炼油的核心技术指导,内部软件的产品经理,并为壳牌陆上天然气资产发展的主要技术整合人。


Chris Zhang

Chris Zhang has worked with Inly as a marketing executive, an event host, and as a translator and interpreter. She serves as Community Lead at Chinaccelerator, Shanghai’s premier venture capital-backed startup accelerator, where she coordinates all events, alumni relations, community benefits, as well as local partnerships and media relations. She is a professional new venture consultant and event planner, specializing in bridging international and Chinese entities and markets. She ran operations at China’s first makerspace and holds degrees in finance and French from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics.

David Bass-Clark

David Bass-Clark has worked with Inly in areas of user insight research and education partnership development. He graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2009 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Music, and went on to complete a Master’s of Science in Teaching. David creates bridges between entrepreneurs, investors, startups, and educational institutions in the United States and China. An experienced educator, he has worked on product development and curriculum design for schools and education firms throughout China and the United States. David served in training and development capacities at Apple, Google, and Disney and specializes in leveraging cutting edge technologies to make learning more compelling and effective. He has developed curriculum and tools that utilize technologies spanning augmented and virtual reality, digital animation and filmmaking, as well as programming and software development.

Eduardo Alarcon

Eduardo Alarcon has worked with Inly in areas of product and business development as well as mentoring and coaching Inly’s clients. He is the founder and creative director of Tokylabs, a robotics company changing the way students and organizations approach technological innovation. Eduardo specializes in injecting productive creativity into engineering development and operations. He holds six years of experience as a researcher at Universitat Politecnica de Catalonia in Spain, where he designed and implemented a multi-model power system for researching on Smart microgrids. Before moving to Shanghai, Eduardo designed Smart Bank, a fin-tech management platform for banks and financial institutions capable of categorizing and visualizing user transactions as well as making recommendations. He has seven publications in some of the top international scientific magazines to his name on topics ranging from static synchronous compensators to the NASA space elevator. He speaks five languages and has traveled to more than 40 countries.

Jaguar Kristeller

Jaguar Kristeller is a collaborator with Inly in the area of product prototyping. He is an avid maker and technology enthusiast, running an investment-backed maker space in Beijing. Following completion of his degree from MIT, Jaguar built his own mobile home and traveled throughout the US northeast.

Jerry Tang

Jerry Tang works with Inly on product prototyping. He has wide knowledge and experience in mechatronic system design, software architecture, embedded systems, and electronics. He founded a UAV company, Azure Frontier, to research and commercialize a next-generation drone in Western Australia. He works in Shanghai helping local technology companies establish R&D teams to improve on existing products and prototype new products. Jerry graduated from Curtin University in Australia.

Li Jin

Li Jin has worked with Inly on developing resources for new ventures and on protocol for first-mover-client readiness for those ventures. He serves as an equity analyst at Tiger Pacific Capital, a hedge fund in New York City. He graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2015, where he co-founded exMedio, a Japanese healthtech startup. Li worked at McKinsey & Company for three years focused on the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector as a standalone consultant. He speaks three languages and loves traveling.


Li Zhang

Li Zhang has worked with Inly as a curriculum developer and as a judge for student projects connected to our corporate clients. Her organization, Oxford Bright Scholars, has also worked with Inly in similar areas. She is the Director of Research and Curriculum Development at China Campus Network, where she helps students from around the world learn about contemporary Chinese business and legal culture. She obtained her Masters in Science in Contemporary Chinese Studies from the University of Oxford.

Yin Xie

Yin Xie works as Inly’s chief visual designer, creating Inly’s themes and templates as well as marketing material and graphics for Inly’s clients. Yin is also a trained data analyst and conducts some of the data mining projects for Inly’s clients. She has extensive experience in urban design and spacial planning, holding a degree in the subject from Tongji University in Shanghai. She has worked with an EPC company, a real estate consultancy, and e-commerce startup, and a leading Chinese travel agency.